Deliciously Raw & Artfully Prepared

Make a statement with us

Our raw, vegan and gluten-free cakes are rich, thick, delicately sweet & beautiful from the inside out. These specialty cakes are deliciously dense, spongey and completely unique. Enjoying one of our raw vegan & gluten-free cakes is truly an experience of it’s own and we are proud to be one of a very limited few who are are able to create such desserts with such elegance and style.

Our skilled craftsmanship stands out in the raw vegan community, creating naturally colourful icings and intricate cake designs that easily compete with conventional cakes highly processed icings & synthetic food colours. We have carefully created recipes made to easily withstand room temperature, taste divine and have the ability to sculpt bold designs that will surprise and please both you and your guests.

Make a statement at your next event with one of our raw cakes.


Let us know if you have any dietary questions or concerns and we will do our absolute best to accommodate you.


All off our desserts are 100% vegan, raw, dairy-free, soy-free & incredibly delicious.


With this allergy on the rise we have something the whole family can enjoy.


Raw desserts are incredibly decadent and very nutritious. Our cakes and sweets undergo a low temperature dehydrating process to keep enzymes alive and well while keeping our cakes spongey and soft. All nuts and seeds used in our recipes are soaked and sprouted before use, to release enzyme inhibitors while also boosting their live enzymes content. You will be well looked after and pleasantly surprised when trying our desserts.

I have been lucky enough to try several of Sweet Little Sirin’s creations and I have loved them all! I especially love their frosting, and their raw chocolate cakes! Keep creating beautiful, healthy treats for the world!

Deanna Simone

Angela is such a talented human being. These fabulous and delicious treats just made my day. She seems to know how to balance the taste to make her treats not too sweet and not too sour, I would say just right! I highly recommend these absolutely yummy and vegan treats.  Thank you Angela!

Ellen Harthy

Angela is the creator of these scrumptious raw vegan desserts! These divine little treats tasted absolutely delicious! Three layers of dense and rich plant-based goodness filled and topped with either chocolate (always my fav) or vanilla. They were decorated with beautifully coloured and flavoured hand crafted flowers. A lovely presentation! 
And you don’t have to be raw or vegan to enjoy Angela’s desserts!

Anne Marie

I was very happy with my mini cakes.They tasted Amazing!
I’ve been searching for good quality vegan sweets (super hard to find) but I found them at ‘Sweet Little Sirin’.
Thank you.


I was very pleased with the mini cakes! Thoroughly enjoyed by the entire family! I absolutely recommend these sweets for your event, great for people with allergies.


Might just be the best Vegan cakes in the world. Not only does the quality of these cakes exceed any expectation but the company is also ran by a very beautiful individual.
I highly recommend Sweet Little Sirin to anyone individual vegan or not!

Ben P