We care about taste and creativity just as much as we do about health. At Sweet Little Sirin no sacrifices are made when we are hand-making a beautiful raw vegan dessert for your special occasion. Each ingredient used is organic and thoughtfully sourced to ensure we create only top quality sweets that are tasty just as much as they are good for you.

Angela Hill Sweet Little Sirin

Sweet Little Sirin was founded by Angela Hill who is a Durham Region-based vegan and raw food chef. Before she discovered her love for raw vegan desserts she formally trained at NSCAD University in Nova Scotia for painting & sculpture.  Making raw vegan cakes is the perfect blend of making beautiful art, her passion for vegan food & opening up new fun options with those who have gluten allergies.


What is a raw cake?

This is no regular cake.

It’s rich, thick but not overly sweet (unless you prefer it that way!). Our cakes are deliciously dense, spongey and completely unique. Enjoying one of our raw vegan & gluten-free cakes is truly an experience of it’s own and we are proud to be one of a very limited few who are are able to create such desserts with such elegance and style.

Eating a raw cake is a completely different experience than your regular white fluffy four & sugar cakes which are baked at high temperatures, use refined flours, sugars and food colouring. Our cakes are carefully exposed to light templates to ensure precious enzymes stay alive and assist in making your bodies experience a pleasant and healthy one. The nuts and oats we use in our recipes are always first sprouted to help break down phytic acids and release enzyme inhibitors, which greatly assists in the bodies digestive process & nutrient absorption.img_20180105_085543_167.jpg

If you are familiar with or ever had the chance to eat a raw vegan cheese cake or energy ball, you can begin to imagine that our cakes too have a similar texture. This is a good place to start, however our recipes and cakes takes things a couple steps further to achieve a “flour like” texture on the inside layers.

If you would like to experience a fully raw, vegan & gluten-free cake for one of your birthdays or for a wedding, please let us know. We are happy to provide a free private sampling session if you end up book your event through us.


The benefits of eating raw

When you heat food over 118F, the heat can cook important vitamins, minerals and enzymes away from the food. Enzymes are essential for helping the body to absorb nutrients into the body and has a huge affect on our digestion. Raw foods are easily processed by the body while cooked foods pass though our bodies more slowly allowing fermentation and toxins to remain in the body.  Eating live foods gives you more energy because it requires less energy from the body when being processed while also containing a substantial amount more vitamins, minerals and enzymes.  These fresh foods give you energy, brighten your skin and your mood.

Changing the way we eat absolutely changes the way we feel, think and look while also adding additional benefits to our planet. Because all of our ingredients are organic, non-gmo or are wild harvested we are investing in sustainable farming practices and our farmers that are conscious of the environmental impact they have on the land.

This is why we choose to use raw ingredients in our cakes & have developed special recipes to create healthy and delicious results! Eating healthy or raw shouldn’t prevent you from enjoying yummy desserts and enjoying life!


All off our desserts are 100% vegan, raw, dairy-free, soy-free & incredibly delicious.

Don’t let this alarm you… Raw desserts are incredibly decadent and very nutritious. Our cakes and sweets undergo a low temperature dehydrating process to keep enzymes alive and well while keeping our cakes spongey and soft. All nuts and seeds used in our recipes are soaked and sprouted before use, to release enzyme inhibitors while also boosting their live enzymes content. You will be well looked after and pleasantly surprised when trying our desserts.

With this allergy on the rise we have something the whole family can enjoy.

Because Organic is ALWAYS more tasty, natural and free of pesticides, herbicides and GMO’s. On the rare occasion we cant get an ingredient organic we still ensure its GMO and pesticide free or wild harvested. We were serious when we said we would give you nothing but the best!


Let us know if you have any dietary questions or concerns and we will do our absolute best to adjust our recipes for you.