Product Storage & Handling

Designed to freeze with no compromise to taste or texture

All of Sweet Little Sirin’s wholesale cakes are sold frozen allowing products to be stored and sold at the pace and price point that is suitable for your customers needs. The flavour and texture of our raw vegan cakes are never compromised after freezing and hold a long shelf life of days after being removed from storage. 

Upon product delivery our cakes should be directly put into the freezer for storage. For best results, Sweet Little Sirin recommends taking the desired amount of frozen product needed to a refrigerated display or stable room temperature, and then placing the remaining cake back in the freezer. For optimum freshness, return the unneeded frozen product to the freezer immediately. 

For whole uncut cake orders Sweet Little Sirin  recommends using a hot knife while slicing the raw cake to create a clean and attractive serving.

Shelf Life

Unique & stable raw vegan desserts

All of Sweet Little Sirin’s cakes have a decedent taste and are made with organic, high-quality ingredients such activated nuts, non-GMO fruit and other 100% natural ingredients and flavours that require attention to shelf life.

In general, Sweet Little Sirin’s products will last 2-6 months frozen. Refrigerated, it’s recommended to serve product in 7-10 days. If non-refrigerated, thaw and serve product within 5 days for most cakes. 

Fresh fruit fillings may affect the shelf life of some cakes